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In the light of the recent developments and government policy, we regret to inform that we are cancelling the Leadership Conference that was scheduled for May 11-13th.

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Four faith-building ebooks now available on Apple Books and Amazon’s Kindle: The New Birth, Five Key WordsDo You Need A Miracles? and Healing is God’s Will. Search under: John Roughton. You can also get a PDF file version of these books. Contact us: church@sofi.life

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For over 25 years John & Zhepitoli Roughton have been taking that same spirit of faith to the nations.
Nagaland India, and the regions beyond.

Important Announcement!
We regret to inform you that due to ongoing Government Mandated Lockdown, we will not be having Spirit of Faith Bible School for 2021. And sadly, will also not conduct the Nagamese short-term basic Bible course this summer.

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