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You can make a difference

Spirit of Faith Bible School

Your gift can help send a student in India or Nepal to Bible School. Our school charges each student 15,000 INR (which is about $200)
The school fee does not cover the entire cost, so Spirit of Faith Church subsidizes the school to keep the fees lower.
However, some student cannot afford even this modest amount.
That’s why we’re asking you to help! Your one time gift will help sponsor a student.
Please consider giving today. God will bless you and you’ll be making a tremendous investment in the life of a believer in Asia.

John Roughton Ministries, inc. is not our ministry. Our ministry is the apostolic call we have received from God himself which is empowered by his grace. John Roughton Ministries, inc. is the legal entity which lawfully permits us to receive donations as a not-for-profit organization within the USA. We are registered with the Commonwealth of Virginia as a non-profit corporation which is overseen by a board of trustees. We also have an alias/trading as name: Spirit of Faith International (we use both names interchangeably). John Roughton Ministries is included in a group exemption with Victory Ministries Inc. (PO Box 1113, Huntington, WV 25713, phone (304) 733-4423 which is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization.
John Roughton receives a salary from John Roughton Ministries as determined by the ministry board of trustees. The ministry also reimburses them /or covers the cost for ministry expenses, for example, travel to and from India. In addition, John & Zhepitoli receive a  salary from Spirit of Faith Church, Nagaland.  John is considered a “Person of Indian Origin” by the Government of India and is therefore permitted to be legally employed within India (Zhepi is an Indian citizen). For the first 12 years John did not receive any salary from the church.
Spirit of Faith Church, Nagaland is primarily self-supporting and does not regularly receive funds from John Roughton Ministries. The church is fully supported by the tithes/offerings of the congregation. However, occasionally John Roughton Ministries will send funds for special projects or for larger purchases. John Roughton Ministries is fully supported by charitable donations from friends and partners. Spirit of Faith International maintains an office in the USA. For more information, contact us by email.